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Stomatološki centar NorDent, nastao je kao odraz potrebe da se našim budućim pacijentima ponudi savremena, kvalitetna, brza i efikasna stomatološka usluga. Usluga, kakvu naši pacijenti zaslužuju, a koju su ranije mogli naći samo u većim gradovima zemlje ili inostranstva.

Kroz dugogodišnju edukaciju i praksu, kako u zemlji, tako i u inostranstvu, težili smo kontinuiranom usavršavanju u cilju pružanja što kvalitetnijih usluga. Zahvaljujući permanentnim tehnološkim inovacijama, primenjujući dobrobiti moderne tehnologije u prilici smo da Vam pružimo usluge u okvirima svetskih standarda stomatologije.

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NorDent Dental Center
Based on 206 reviews
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Alexander ChasovskoyAlexander Chasovskoy
10:30 29 Jun 24
Our first visit was super. Both me and my daughter are happily and shining smiling 😉
Ivana T.Ivana T.
15:53 17 Jun 24
Extremely unprofessional,
Martin HudapMartin Hudap
01:26 14 Jun 24
Visited NorDent Subotica in 2024 great job done by Dr Nemanja Zekovic recommending, staff very friendly not hesitating to visit again when needed.
Kinga TóthKinga Tóth
08:53 12 Jun 24
Unfortunately, they are not very flexible in urgent evenings. It is almost impossible to get an appointment, even if it is a sudden dental problem
Géza SándorGéza Sándor
13:53 25 May 24
I came with a tooth broken in half and in pain. I was received by polite staff and helped me in the best possible way. The clinic is very clean and pleasant to be in. The doctor's office left a pleasant impression. Sterile instruments, the doctor was a professional in his field, he explained everything in detail, performed the tooth extraction quickly and comfortably, and provided a full consultation.I liked that everything went quickly and comfortably.After the removal, I had to go back to the clinic, since the hole hurt a lot after removal, it turned out that my body was unique and I was again provided with the best possible help!Thank you very much for being there! Thanks for the service and quality!I recommend!
Róbert BujdosóRóbert Bujdosó
14:57 02 May 24
Viola VörösViola Vörös
17:14 22 Apr 24
Nandor KratofilNandor Kratofil
07:09 20 Apr 24
16:11 19 Apr 24
Competent, Kind, Careful,Extra Kudos to the Receptionists who are very Kind and Pleasant and you get a competent answer to every question and always a Smile!!! Thanks to all of you
Stella RoseliniStella Roselini
02:58 19 Apr 24
Dentist Stefan Milanovic is very professional, precise, attentive, extremely concerned about the health of the teeth and gums. He cares about the patient's feelings, he thinks about every detail. The surgery is neat, clean, professional, modern, and patients relax with soft music. Nordent is a place for meditation and rest, where their expertise and kindness overcomes any fear and discomfort. The wonderful Sister Ildiko is extremely caring. The reception staff is very friendly and professional. Nordent is the best clinic in Europe. They use the most modern technology. Stefan Milanovic is a world-class dentist.
Mirela SchadowMirela Schadow
02:52 19 Apr 24
Zlatko JuricZlatko Juric
10:07 12 Apr 24
There are no right words to express my great gratitude to Dr. Jovana Milošević and Marina Jurić from NorDent for the new smile they gave me. Despite my incredible fear of dentists, the professionalism, skill, and kindness of Dr. Milošević and her team quickly won me over. They exceeded all my expectations, and after a few weeks I left the office with new, beautiful teeth. Jovana, Marina, thank you for putting a smile back on my face, NorDent should be proud of you.
Ildiko PatkovicIldiko Patkovic
15:58 06 Apr 24
Ana BanjacAna Banjac
06:48 06 Apr 24
06:45 06 Apr 24
As someone who has a great fear of dentists, I gladly recommend this office to everyone. They are very kind and helped me overcome my fear. Today I was with them for the first time and I must admit that I am delighted.
Srdjan MijuskovicSrdjan Mijuskovic
16:50 18 Mar 24
Katalin BartusKatalin Bartus
10:31 16 Mar 24
All my appreciation to Dr.Stefan Milanovic and his lovely assistant for their professional work!Thank you for your patience and kindnessI can only recommend it to everyone 👑👑
Nikoleta VračarićNikoleta Vračarić
10:55 02 Mar 24
Perfectly polite and professional, I am very satisfied with the service I received. Thank you for the wonderful new smile Dr. Jovana Milošević and Marina 🙂
Ámor KrisztanovÁmor Krisztanov
12:04 24 Feb 24
Three months ago I wrote a five-star review about how good this place is and that everything is perfect. During this time, I took part in a longer root canal session, which went well at the beginning. I was aware that the chance of success was not 100%, but we tried because it was a permanent large grinder, which also had one of the main orthodontic frames attached to it. After three or four sessions, which took about 1-2 months, I went back and got a new doctor. They x-rayed my tooth and the doctor said that the tooth could be fixed, but it could stay in for a maximum of five years, but what she recommends is to take the tooth out now and since the braces are on top, it can be put in its place pull the last molar and replace it with my wisdom tooth. I believed this and went in, saying that it would really come in handy, in five years if it were to be taken out, a hole would remain in place, but if we take it out now, the teeth can be retracted with the braces. I went in and in less than a minute they took out the already half-rooted tooth. They asked for the details of my orthodontist so that they can send him the X-rays so that he can see what's next. When I went to my orthodontist the next day, he said that he didn't get any pictures and that this tooth shouldn't have been taken out, because other teeth can't be pulled in their place by several inches, they can't move that much, not that even the wisdom tooth is fully retracted. At that time I was very surprised, I said that in Nordent they said that it was possible to do this. A few days later, I called the Nordent clinic and told them the whole story, the weight of which they didn't really understand, and they said that's it, maybe they can put in a bridge or some other replacement for a couple of twenty thousand dinars, if I want to consult a dentist.Needless to say, I was very disappointed, my teeth were pulled out after several treatments, they were interrupted, at the end of my braces I now have no frame, no teeth, and I will even have to pay for a bridge replacement somewhere after my teeth have settled in, all because of wrong information.
Dragiza GrötzingerDragiza Grötzinger
20:02 06 Feb 24
Judit SzügyiJudit Szügyi
17:19 04 Feb 24
puma hoostingpuma hoosting
11:40 03 Feb 24
The best dentistry!
Mária ÖrdögMária Ördög
09:15 03 Feb 24
I wish you a good day, I am satisfied with their work, they work well and, what is important to me, they are kind.
07:12 02 Feb 24
I am very, very satisfied with this dentist. Everything went well despite the great work they had to do for me.Rooms are clean, employees are very friendly, the dentist and the assistant are extremely friendly, helpful and competent. The prices are also reasonable.I can only recommend this dentist. Thank you very much and gladly again...
Katarina GlogovacKatarina Glogovac
17:14 20 Jan 24
Stella KabajiStella Kabaji
11:59 10 Jan 24
Very nice and professional team! Special thanks to Dr Tibor Szakál and his assistant for the fast and precise work! I can only recommend the NorDent clinic!
Milica NedimovicMilica Nedimovic
13:14 03 Dec 23
Milica NedimovicMilica Nedimovic
13:12 03 Dec 23
Ámor KrisztanovÁmor Krisztanov
13:35 10 Nov 23
I stumbled upon the website while searching for dentists. I was able to make an appointment quickly and easily. The reception has very kind and helpful staff, the environment is cozy and easily accessible. The dispensaries are well equipped and well maintained. Well trained, kind, pretty doctors and assistants. Language barriers are easy to solve, and they are very flexible in terms of dates.I can only recommend the place, after the first visit you will feel like visiting the dentist! 😁
Adrián KovácsAdrián Kovács
07:57 05 Nov 23
Both as a child and as an adult, the dentist belonged to the "dreaded" category for a long time. And during the covid, the crown was put on the dreaded king, when we were offered time slots months in advance, but we were typically refused citing reasons such as:-no free appointment,- there is an epidemic- you should not apply if you are in pain, etc.I even put up with my child's painful tooth, but when I saw the pain and suffering in him, it lasted that long. I don't want to hurt the people who work for us here, let's rather agree that we ended up like this because of my joint mistakes and the circumstances.Today, however, I am happy to announce that we are going to the dentist, because even the children are waiting for us (sometimes they ask, why don't we go to the dentist?).The clinic is professional and kind from the reception to the nurses to the doctors, so it would be pointless for me to try to single out anyone because I can't. Keep up the good work dear team!-They are flexible with the times (we have been on weekdays at 7:00 p.m., but also on Saturday mornings)-as a family of four, they took care of all three of us at the same time (this is very important to us)-zero pain even for children-professionally equipped surgeries with all the specialist doctors of dentistry (maybe it shouldn't be expressed that way, but I think everyone understands)- so far, all language barriers have been solved easily without any problems-not two meters from the waiting room "they drill and carve, the drill squeals", but from much further away. Let's say I would pass a law on this (it would be a sensible EU decision), for example: no noise can filter into the doctor's office!!! :)-nice, pretty, cute:)... what else do they write? :D-ja: thanks to my friend who recommended them!
All good!
Sonja StojicSonja Stojic
08:10 21 Oct 23
Arsen SArsen S
13:25 14 Sep 23
Very friendly and professional staff.Pleasant ambience. All recommendations!
Molnar ZoltanMolnar Zoltan
13:13 29 Aug 23
Agnes GregusAgnes Gregus
23:46 24 Aug 23
Rashid S.Rashid S.
13:01 19 Aug 23
Thanks! Nice clinic! Didn't expect to see such a clinic in a small Subotica.
Bajht RolandBajht Roland
09:13 19 Aug 23
Dragana SlavićDragana Slavić
09:27 12 Aug 23
Employees are very pleasant and patient, and the service is great and professional. The dentists explain everything they are doing and tell you why they are doing it. I would recommend everyone to go to NorDent!
Nóri VinkóNóri Vinkó
20:24 10 Jul 23
Highly recommended this dental centre , quick and flexible appointments , lovely dental team 🙏
Cato wahlbergCato wahlberg
06:19 11 Mar 23
Very good service and highly qualified dentists. I am very pleased and i really recomend Nordent Dental Center to all which want the best treatment for their teeth.
Anita GipsonAnita Gipson
18:02 01 Mar 23
I can certainly recommend NorDent Dental Subotica Serbia. The quality of service I received for my treatment was of very high standard. I never experienced pain during and after my teeth implant surgery. Manager and staff are very friendly, speak very good English. Great place to have your dental treatment. Thank you Anita Gipson from England.
Marija MMarija M
15:15 04 Sep 15
This is a seven star service! Love all smiling people who work there, perfect service, exelent doctor, and on the end my smile :).
<b>Radno vreme</b><br> Ponedeljak 11:00–18:00<br> Utorak i četvrtak 13:00–20:00<br> Sreda i petak 8:00–15:00<br> Subota 8:00–14:00
Telefon +381 24 561112<br> Matije Korvina 17. (Hotel Galleria 2 sprat) Subotica, Srbija

Kroz dugogodišnju edukaciju i praksu, kako u zemlji, tako i u inostranstvu

težili smo :

  • kontinuiranom usavršavanju
  • u cilju pružanja što kvalitetnijih usluga
<b>Radno vreme</b><br> Ponedeljak 11:00–18:00<br> Utorak i četvrtak 13:00–20:00<br> Sreda i petak 8:00–15:00<br> Subota 8:00–14:00
Telefon +381 24 561112<br> Matije Korvina 17. (Hotel Galleria 2 sprat) Subotica, Srbija

Kroz dugogodišnju edukaciju i praksu, kako u zemlji, tako i u inostranstvu

težili smo :

  • kontinuiranom usavršavanju
  • u cilju pružanja što kvalitetnijih usluga
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