We are happy to announce that we have introduced a new teeth whitening system in our dental office. It is the Beyond Polus system.

“Tooth discolorations can be caused by diet and lifestyle choices, age, or exposure to certain medications. Most stains are caused by consumption of staining food, drinks, and tobacco products and are located in the upper, enamel layer of the tooth. However some stains are located deeper inside of the tooth in the dentin layer and can be caused by hereditary or medicine-related discolorations.

The BEYOND™ treatment is effective on every type of stain; reducing the total treatment time needed to achieve a healthy, white smile and increasing convenience, satisfaction, and safety. A chair-side power whitening system, each BEYOND™ Whitening Accelerator combines a powerful halogen light source with an advanced light filtration system and our proprietary formula whitening gels to provide you with a 100% safe and effective whitening experience. Before beginning any whitening treatment, talk to your dentist about your desired treatment results. This will help him or her in developing a whitening plan to treat your individual whitening case effectively. Treatment times are tailored to produce the best whitening results, however most treatments are around 30 minutes from start to finish.”


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