Guarantee on the dental services of NorDent

We, Nordent Dental Center give a guarantee on the work done by our doctors and on the materials used by our doctors. The given guarantee will only be valid if the patient complies to the instructions of use, hygiene and other instructions given from his dentist in NorDent. In the case of the materials used, the guarantee is the same as the guarantee given by the producer of the same.

For the works done by Nordent or partner dental laboratories the following guarantees apply:

  • Metalceramic or zirconceramic crowns and bridges – 1 years
  • Monolit zirconceramic crowns or bridges – 3 years
  • Removable prothesis – 1 years

The guarantee and the complain coming from the patient will not be considered valid in the following cases:

  • The prothetic work is damaged during inappropriate use or the patient is not following the instructions given by our dentist (breaking in case of a fall, breaking because of biting on something hard, etc.)
  • The patient is not following the hygienic instructions given by our doctors
  • The patient is not coming regularly for a dental check, at least once every 12 months
  • In the case when the patient has some other illness which has an effect on the condition of the teeth, gums or jaw bones
  • If the patient allows modification on the work done by NorDent in another dental office or clinic by a dentist not employed by NorDent
  • If the damage to the work originates from sports activity, falling or from a third person
  • Use of narcotics
  • Damage originating from bruxism
  • Complaints on teeth whitening
  • Complaint on the previously chosen color of the teeth (Our patients have the right to choose the color of their future teeth when we are making crowns for them. NorDent cannot be held responsible if the patient makes a wrong color choice.)
  • Complaints on endodontic treatments (Endodontic treatments are interventions with a high risk of failure. Because of the anatomic differences in each individual, even with latest equipment in this field o.)
  • If the patient hasn’t paid completely the debt towards Nordent

NOTE: In the case of crowns on implants placed in other dental offices, we can only guarantee for the crown and we cannot be responsible for complaints considering the implants themselves.

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